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“You buy insurance because you love someone or you owe someone”
– Todd Shelbaugh



  • t-headshotMy name is Todd Shelbaugh and I run a life insurance practice named Insurance Insights based in Naples, FL. We focus on protecting families and their businesses, not only from death but also from life. I’m passionate about insurance because I believe in its power of protection and safety. In our darkest times we should not have to worry about losing our homes or feeding our children or paying debts & taxes. Everyone who owes someone or loves someone should have a policy yet so few people do. I spend time sharing insights with others any way I can because I want to change the way people think of and talk about insurance.      

    I have more than 20 years of experience working with and educating clients and advisors about insurance and insurance based tools (such as annuities or long term care) and become a specialist in Life Settlements (selling insurance as an asset) along the way. I have helped more than a thousand clients in conjunction with their other professional advisors because I believe in a collaborative approach. I have served in capacities ranging from a Northwestern Mutual agent to Vice President of a National Financial Partners firm and conducted private and public seminars on wealth transfer, tax reduction and estate planning. I have been a featured speaker for industry groups, a resource for structuring ethical guidelines and even an expert witness but I’m also a man just like you with a family I love, a business to protect and a retirement to plan for.  

    I began my own firm because I was tired of the way my industry “sells” insurance and I don’t believe in that. Each person has unique circumstances, worries and wants and I will take the time to hear those and formulate suggestions specifically for you. Your need is already there, it’s my job to help you see it, understand it, learn about your options then implement your choices. I’m always happy to answer any questions and share my knowledge so please, Ask Me For Insight!  

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  • k-headshot2My name is Katherine Shelbaugh and I run a family insurance practice named Insurance Insights with my husband Todd. Although we’re based in Naples, FL we embrace technology to help us reach and remain in contact with tech savvy clients all over the country. I began working around money at a young age, spending weekends and summers filing for my uncle’s accounting firm. I was fascinated with mutual fund statements, brokerage accounts and tax tricks. Since then, I have always wanted to be around money, watch how people grow it and help them protect it.   

    I have nearly 20 years of wealth management, financial planning and insurance experience. My career has ranged from independent advisor to senior insurance executive and I have been affiliated with dominant insurance organizations such as Prudential and National Financial Partners along the way. I have had the fortune to design and implement sophisticated insurance strategies such as premium finance programs and life settlement processes, working closely with leaders in the industry such as Wells Fargo, Greenberg Traurig, Credit Suisse & Deutsche Bank to name a few. I’ve authored articles on Life Insurance, Premium Financing and Hybrid Long Term Care. I have become a specialist in long term care solutions, even being called upon by the Wall Street Journal to collaborate for articles.

    I believe in doing my part to educate everyone that insurance is no longer just for the dead, but also for the living. I thrive on remaining abreast of the newest products and industry trends, thus bringing more value to our clients than just annual reviews.  I pride myself on finding creative solutions for challenging cases and “coloring outside the lines”. I resonate with women and families because I am one, and I have one, but I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with everyone so feel free to Ask Me For Insight!  

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